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  TYPE:  [HQ-800]  [HQ-600]  [HQ-600B]  [HQ-601]

Yashilan headset,a product that the company through sound personalities' measured, listen to the real evaluation that effective parameters, which is a professional horn engineering to build high sensitivity unit equipped into a high-quality headsets. This series of headset is reasonable designed for listening environment to meet the need of varies circumstance. The effective amount of high, middle and low-frequency is coordinate with reasonable, and meet the need of the concept of HiFi. The headphones coordinate with the properties of the designing material, so that they well prove that the thickness of the middle-frequency can meet the need of the suitable hearing range of people. The high-frequency is smooth without loss of thickness. And low-frequency extends strong without loss of flexibility. All the characteristics above make this product full of energy so as to build the brand of our enterprise.

  Technical parameters(HQ-800) :
Driver Unit: φ40mm
Matching Impedance: 80 Ω
Sensitivity: 118dB
Frequency range: 20Hz~23KHz
Information Plug Diameter:φ3.5mm
Signal Line Length: 1.5m
  TYPE:  [HQ-800]  [HQ-600]  [HQ-600B]  [HQ-601]
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